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Freeze Sculpting

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What is Freeze Sculpting?

CryoClinic Logo - Body Sculpting
What to expect with Freeze Sculpting:

Cryotherapy ‘Freeze Sculpting’ is a revolutionary alternative to liposuction and crash diets. This natural and non-invasive treatment leaves you pain-free, time-rich, and feeling great. Benefits include instant inch loss, weight loss & fat reduction, shape & definition, and cellulite reduction.

Reaching a cooling -160 degrees of liquid nitrogen vapors, our professionally trained Cryo-therapists apply the mist to the isolated body part, while gently massaging and sculpting the area to encourage lymphatic drainage.


In the past, Cryotherapy has only been available in the form of Cryo-tanks or saunas, where the body and mind have to endure a painful and challenging full-body exposure to up to – 200 degrees to give the skin freezing effects and benefits. This is used by athletes and cell therapy UKs under professional supervision.

In reaction to extreme cooling, many natural biological responses take place. The nerves at the skin level shrink away allowing a numbing effect, which prevents any discomfort while the skin is frozen efficiently for a short period.

The body has a localised inflammatory response to the cold that is caused by the fat cells, also known as ‘Panniculitis’. Fat cells rupture at a warmer temperature than skin and healthy cells, in doing so the fat by-products are then naturally removed by the lymphatic system. These natural and non-invasive biological reactions result in a reduction of the density and thickness of fat layers.

At the beginning and the end of each treatment, your Therapist will measure the body area that is being treated giving instant measured results that are also immediately visible.

CryoClinic Logo - Body Sculpting
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