The Cryo Sauna

The Cryosauna is a system for general cryotherapy in which sessions are done at a temperature of -110 ° C to -170 ° C in the chamber.


Cryotherapy is a verified technique that uses cold to work its magic. It involves standing in a deep-freezing tank for a couple of minutes. Right after injury or when the body wears down due to severe fatigue, swelling of muscles and inflammation tends to be rampant.


Cold applied selectively through cryotherapy will reduce any swelling, pain, or inflammation.

Cryotherapy has worked with many top athletes like Paulo Dybala. He has his CryomedPRO cryosauna which was installed for him by Italian distributor, Cryomeditalia. Thus far, Paulo has enjoyed an injury-free career. The sky is the limit for him. Cryotherapy works.





Cooling medium


Liquid nitrogen


Vapor temperature


approx. -150 °C


Dimensions (L x W x H)


60 x 60 x 112 cm


Device weight
with empty / full vessel


33 kg / 72 kg


Vessel capacity


50 l