Lyndsey Dodds

I can not recommend this place enough! I went with chronic pain from my back and shoulder! This was nearly instantly lifted after 3 minutes in the cryosauna! Definitely booking in again x

Kerry Minshal

Both my boys aged 11 and 10 had their first session today and both feel amazing after it! They Do Football and Boxing and after my son Picking up an Injury in both Hamstrings this was perfect for him! They can't wait to get back .. and I can't wait to have a go too! Thank you Jayne

Andrew Quigley

Had my 1st session yesterday after 1st week back in the gym after 9 months.. was dreading the next day muscles soreness.. but 3 minutes of cryotherapy I felt amazing like I could go straight back the gym.. would recommend this to anyone to help you feel great and take the aches and pains away..


Clare Meaney

I was really struggling with sciatica and a really bad immune system colds and sore throats every couple of weeks. Been going to Wirral cryotherapy since the end of September now and have no sciatica pain at all now and not had a single cold since then either when everyone around me has had them absolutely love it and Jane is lovely keeps you chatting so you forget it's cold

Paul Stredder

9 days ago, I separated my collar bone from my shoulder in a motocross accident. Since then I have been treated daily by Jane for fast recovery. My inflammation is completely gone and I have been pain-free during the whole process. Today I have just been cleared to return back to work and no surgery is required! Today is a good day.

Jack Plevin

Broke my femur three weeks ago, and have been struggling to recover since my operation. Had my first session today and things are already easier, booked in for more to get back on my feet!


Faith Adam

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2004 ....since then I have tried everything & spent thousands on trying to find some relief from the agonising pain this horrible illness causes. Then 3/4 months ago I was having to use a crutch to walk..which I couldn't do much of. I couldn't put any weight through my right leg at all & had to go upstairs on all fours..so depressing.  I was also due to have a trigger finger release operation on my right hand......THEN....my friend heard about Wirral Cryotherapy and said I should try it.  It was the best decision I have EVER made.  Even after the first THREE freezing minutes session, I could feel a difference...I now go once a week and I couldn't be better or happier. I will never be completely cured of this stupid illness...but now I can walk virtually pain-free for quite a time...I can get upstairs the "normal " way...and best of all...I gave my crutch back into the hospital..yey !!!!!    So that felt amazing..then I went to see about my hand op....& guess what...they say it has improved so much I just need physio...I said I just need to keep having more Cryotherapy as far as I'm concerned.  I'm only 55 so to have felt so unwell for the last 16 years and now to feel like I've gotten my life back is beyond words.....I can't thank Jane...who by the way is the nicest & easiest person to talk to in the world.....enough.  .....but..that's not all...now they're doing "facelift " procedures..using the same freezing techniques....I've had 4 treatments...I haven't told any of my family though....but everyone keeps asking if I've lost weight coz my face looks thinner.  It's really tightening my flabby neck up...which is fabulous.  So..it's 3-6 minutes out of your week to feel on top of the world.  Please give it a go....you will not be disappointed.    Thanks, guys.  Xx

Jo Hume

I'm totally amazed at the pain RELIEF my mum Joan experienced today with her 1st cryotherapy treatment. 
My mums 73 and is riddled with osteoarthritis, she's in constant pain even with all her pain killers. She had specific areas targeted, neck, lower back, hands & knees. The pain RELIEF was instant in her hands & knees and, not much longer for her neck and back. She was able to get up out of the chair with ease and completely unaided, her walking was also so much easier.....I actually had tears in my eyes. My mum was buzzing. 
Since her treatment this morning, my mum has not needed to take her additional pain killers every 3 to 4 hours or her liquid morphine......how amazing is that!!!
I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this treatment, and as for Jane.....She's one of the nicest people you could meet!!