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What makes cryotherapy so effective?

The beauty and health industry are always claiming they’ve found the next big thing; a miracle cream, an age defying treatment, or a revolutionary product. It’s easy to brush off most of these claims as exaggerations because of the frequency with which they’re made.

Given this pattern, we’ve realised that many of the assertions being made could be being questioned as well. After all, if you haven’t tried the treatment it’s difficult to gauge how effective the results actually are.

There’s one key factor that sets cryotherapy apart from other treatments and it’s the fact

Cryo Clinic - Birkenhead

that it’s entirely natural. Bodies have a tendency to react in different ways to different chemically formulated products but natural, organic methods leave very little room for variation.

What makes cryotherapy so effective is the temperatures that the body is exposed to during the process. Air that has been cryogenically cooled to temperatures of -140°C and below are impossible to reach in a normal, outdoor environment. The cryogenically cooled dry air used by CryoClinic makes it possible however. Cryotherapy has taken the age old concept of the ice bath and combined it with the latest cutting edge technology in order to make the cold more effective and beneficial. Numerous studies have shown that ice baths can actually have a negative impact on the body because the cold penetrates so deeply into the body. This causes muscles to stiffen for hours after the ice bath has ended and makes them more susceptible to tears. With cryotherapy the cold penetrates deeply enough to speed up the muscle recovery process but not deep enough to cause any damage. Not to mention that 3 minutes in a relaxing CryoClinic chamber beat 20 minutes in an uncomfortable ice bath.

When the body is exposed to temperatures as low as those used in cryotherapy it goes into survival mode. This causes blood to rush to the core of the body, circulation to increase, and it causes the body to burn calories in order to stay warm. The external impacts of cryotherapy are just as great as the internal. The most profound benefits include a reduction in signs of aging and an overall improvement in the skin. cryotherapy is able to achieve these results because cold air causes an increase in the production of collagen, the protein that prevents the skin from ageing. Cryotherapy also causes the pores to shrink and an increase in blood circulation which lead to a flawless appearance of the skin.

While the short term internal and external effects can be astounding, here at CryoClinic we value longevity over anything else. Unlike other treatments which are prescribed to be used in moderation because of their long term side effects, cryotherapy can become more effective with time. Make sure you’re not missing out on the benefits of this all natural treatment schedule yourself a cryotherapy session.