The innovative and ergonomic design based on the highest standard of safety makes operating of the device simple and pleasant. Our Cryo has been developed to allow a local supply of liquid nitrogen vapours of a temperature of -150 C at different blow-in intensity levels, high quality and user-friendly design.


The cold steam creates goose bumps, which invigorate your tissue, tightening your skin. It also stimulates the production of collagen, found in your skins fascial layer, improving tone and radiant appearance.


As with all cryotherapy treatments, multiple applications provide better results, as biological reactions are accumulative and become the body’s normal way of showing longer-lasting effects. This treatment is natural and non-invasive, leaving you pain-free, time rich and feeling great.


The local cryotherapy device encourages anti-cellulite and slimming treatments, rehabilitation and recovery process. Session of cryotherapy treatments improves physical performance of your body and makes you feel better.